Our Bulk Program is designed to allow retail businesses and independent entrepreneurs the opportunity to capitalize on the expeditiously growing CBD market. CBD Troubleshooters strives to provide high-quality and low prices. This is also an opportunity for customers to stock up on their supply. 
































We, at CBD Troubleshooters, offer a wide range of bulk CBD products, including Tinctures, Energy Drinks, Skin Care, Sports Creams, Salves, Candles, Softgels, Pet Products, Bath Bombs, Massage Oils, Gummies and more. Minimum Order is 12. However, we are capable of supplying huge quantities. Please email us for larger orders at bulk@cbdtroubleshoot.com.































































Some bulk orders may take up to 2 weeks to receive. You can reach our Bulk Department at bulk@cbdtroubleshoot.com. 
































We don’t authorize nor permit selling our products on Amazon, Walmart Marketplace, eBay, ETSY, Facebook Marketplace, Pinterest and other platforms that prohibits CBD.
































Have a great day!!!

































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